Friday, October 16, 2009

Reclamation of Mind: Open_Notes 5

Mental Climate (con't):
* CB, lightening (flashes of anger) - wind shear (force, violence).
* CB, thunderstorms - anvil of the mind - overflowing, outreaching.
* Tornado (devil's finger) - wind vortex, narrow focus destruction; (rolling anger forced down into action).
* Hurricane/T (massive depression, anger) - wide focus destruction.
* Storm surge - force of depression, push, flooding the boundaries.
* Gentle rain - (drops of thought, nourishment).
* Rain storms - (overwhelming, cleansing or destructive results).
* Floods - (without reason, washout, uncontrolled, swept away).
* Snow - (rigid thought, unyielding, cold, insulating the mind).
* Ice storm, freezing rain - (bending, hvy weight, criticism, accusation).
* Hail - (layers of denial produced by emotional turmoil, destructive).
* Sand storm - (eroded, crushed rock) atmosphere choked.
* Dust storm - (firm, good earth eroded) atmosphere choked.
* Fog - a large mass of water vapour condensed to fine particles at or just above the surface; thick, obscuring mist 2 a similar mass of smoke, dust, etc. obscuring the atmosphere - (a state of mental dimness and confusion; blurred, bewildered state; to surround or cover with fog; perplexed, clouded).
* Clear-air turbulence - violent, unseen, irregular commotion, disorder, turmoil, unruly or boisterous behaviour - random fluctuations in wind velocity.
* Tidal forces - ebb and flow of the mind - undercurrents of thought.
* Sunburst - the sudden appearance of sunlight, as through a break in the clouds - (sudden illumination, flash of light).
* Rainbow - an arc or ring containing the colours of the spectrum in consecutive bands; formed in the sky by the refraction, reflection, and dispersion of light in rain or fog (fogbow).

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